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COVID-19 National testing Programme: Schools and Colleges

Webpost is the most efficient way to send your testing consent letters

Webpost hears from its existing customers in the education sector, schools and colleges that the "most appropriate channel" for the lateral test information and invitation letters and particularly the consent letter is a physical paper letter sent to the students-homes

For those schools and colleges that have not used Webpost before we offer a secure, hassle free, cost efficient way of delivering physical paper letters. All delivered to your students securely and effectively by Royal Mail with minimal effort from you

Simply by providing an electronic transfer via our driver to our ISO27001 fulfilment centre will assure your letters are delivered promptly and efficiently and you do not need to invest in or acquire equipment, stationery, consumables, stamps or, indeed including your valuable times

For the purposes of this programme Webpost will provide everything free of charge for schools and colleges ALL you pay for is the postage

Send all your schools testing information and consent letters with Webpost now!

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Hybrid mail delivered perfectly

No contract, no equipment or lease cost, no ink or toner cost and savings of over 35% on postage.

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