Is there any benefit of old school physical paper letters?

Webpost Hybrid Mail

There is obviously an old school appeal but like the return of vinyl to music collections, there are still advantages.  Street addresses verified by the Royal Mail PAF file are much more reliable than email addresses, basically because they’re harder to change!  So you can be more certain that your information arrived with your customer…

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Winter 2020 for GP’s

Hybrid Mail GP's

Written by: Phil Myers – Former Vice President at FP Ag and Co. It seems that the word unprecedented has almost become overused in these unprecedented times The Government has highlighted the need to ‘protect the NHS’, but it seems the public perception of this need is more often than not focussed on NHS hospitals.…

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The Hybrid Home Worker

Webpost NHS Hybrid Mail

Over the last few years there’s been a definite trend in business towards homeworking. Some reports say that over 20% of people are spending the majority of their time working from home. There has of course been some resistance probably caused by inertia and business leaders thinking that the potential upside was not really worth the investment and the hassle. Then came COVID 19, the pandemic that brought us the new concept of lockdown. This has forced the issue and almost like teaching a dog to swim by throwing it into the river everybody has had to adapt.

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