For the NHS

Securely deliver letters to your patients.

Webpost provides a secure hybrid mail solution for the NHS. We have worked with NHS clients since 2010 to deliver a cost-effective automated mail service for patient communications.

Webpost is accredited by the NHS (Toolkit) and operates a fully secure ISO process. Through the recognised compliance, GP practices and customers within the health sector therefore benefit from NHS Information Governance which ensures patient data confidentiality.

Webpost delivers over 1 million patient letters per year.

The Webpost portal can be easily tailored to suit different needs. For example, a GP surgery can produce flu vaccine letters and include supplementary forms like blood tests on a patient basis.

Webpost securely produces letters for GPs to send to patients and passes them to Royal Mail for delivery.

Benefits of hybrid mail for the NHS.

How can hybrid mail help the NHS? Webpost hybrid mail streamlines the communication process, reduces costs, and improves efficiency.

Hybrid mail benefits to NHS clients:

  • Save money. Stop producing patient communications manually, storing physical documents, and achieve lower postage and stationery costs.
  • Save time. Send large volumes of letters, notifications, appointment reminders, test results, and other communications with just a few clicks.
  • More productivity. No more manual handling and trips to the post office so that staff can focus on more critical tasks.
  • Better accuracy. Reduce the risk of human error in sending mail. Automate document processing to reduce the chance of misplacing or misaddressing letters, and add tracking and delivery confirmation to ensure important information reaches recipients.
  • Make it personal. Include specific patient information, such as name or tailored details, by dynamically merging patient data into templates.
  • Add extra security. Ensure that patient information remains confidential and protected during the upload and physical delivery process using secure encrypted to safeguard sensitive data.
  • Maximise existing systems. Integrate hybrid mail with other existing NHS systems for seamless data extraction, automated documents and to send correspondence without manual data entry.
  • Support the green agenda. Reduce paper consumption, minimise carbon emissions associated with postal delivery, and deliver sustainable mail.

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