Case Studies

Riverbrook Medical Centre choose easy-to-use hybrid mail

Simple hybrid mail tool saves time and effort.

Webpost SDS Healthcare

Staff using Webpost find it easy-to-use how to use the hybrid mail tools quickly. Riverbrook Medical Centre, part of SDSmyhealthcare, chose the hybrid mail took because it was so easy to pick up.

The practice manager said, “All my staff love Webpost (and most are technophobes!)

The time and effort it saves is great! After the initial set-up of the templates, it’s just a case of sending it to Webpost instead of a printer; the job is done! No more folding and putting in envelopes.

As a medical centre, some of what we send requires attachments to be included or enclosures to be put in the envelope with the letter. With Webpost, attachments are simple and easy.

The support side is also very friendly and helpful.”

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