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Zonin UK save time with hybrid mail tool

Wine-maker saves significant time and money for clients by automating correspondence.

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Zonin UK is the UK branch of Casa Vinicola Zonin, the largest private vine-growing and wine-making company in Italy. It operates as an independent business unit and performs all the main functions, from sales to marketing to distributing Italian wines in the UK. Zonin UK provides wine solutions directly and by ensuring the highest quality of service in all customer segments.

Before switching to Webpost, Zonin was posting all invoices and statements to customers in the traditional way. The team would print documents in-house, manually sort documents, hand-insert each into the envelopes, apply the stamp using a franking machine, and finally post it at the local post office. This process was repeated for 1,000 to 2,000 documents per month by two office resources for two full days per month.

In 2013 together with Webpost and the business developers, Zonin UK started working on the implementation and integration of Webpost onto their system, developing a very specific system for the drink industry. At the beginning of 2014, they began sending all invoices and statements through Webpost, saving time and money.

Use hybrid mail to save costs and time

The client said, “Sending documents with Webpost is very easy, convenient, and just one click away. We strongly recommend it to all kinds of businesses, especially if you regularly have large postal volumes.

We’re always looking to enhance our system. By adding the ability to send mail through Webpost, we recognised how to save time and money for our clients. Although initial integration involved some programming work, once this was complete, the process for our clients was straightforward. Our system includes a form designer, which allows the layout of invoices and statements to be easily tweaked to fit the Webpost requirements. The feedback from Zonin UK was so positive that we were convinced to use Webpost for our own office mail shots.”

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