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Frequently asked questions about Webpost

What is hybrid mail?

Hybrid mail as the name suggests is a cross between analogue and digital. Simply you produce your mail electronically send it over the web and it is delivered physically as a letter in an envelope!

How much does hybrid mail cost?

Because hybrid mail providers can aggregate your volume with that of other customers they obtain the best Royal Mail discounts available and pass these back to you the customer. Combine this with the fact that paper envelopes and labour are all included makes hybrid mail cheaper than using stamps and without the cost of renting or leasing or purchasing a franking machine.

Where can you get hybrid mail?

If you are mailing tens of thousands of letters then a fulfilment provider will be the best option e.g. Datagraphic Limited but for most businesses a company like webpost will be the most efficient solution and can either provide a direct link to your CRM or ERP for invoices statements etc. or for smaller mailings a print driver installed on your PC.

Is hybrid mail better than a franking machine?

For packets and parcels a franking machine is an excellent solution, however, the costs of owning a franking machine and purchasing franking machine ink can massively increase your mailing costs. With webpost you have none of these costs and can efficiently handle all letters both large and mailings like invoices and statements or marketing materials but also day-to-day letters from Microsoft Word for example!

How does hybrid mail work?

You produce your letters just as you would to print in the office but rather than select your office printer select webpost this automatically and securely transmits your letter to our approved fulfilment centre where it is printed in high-quality put into an envelope and given to Royal Mail for the final mile delivery to your client customer or patient.

Who delivers my post?

All mail items are handed over to the Royal Mail for final delivery.

What quality of paper do you use?

Webpost uses 90gsm paper and C5 window envelopes.

Can I add an insert with my letter?

Yes, additional inserts can be added, as long as they are PDF files.

Can I send multiple pages?

Yes, we will recognise multiple pages and put them in the same envelope, up to a maximum of 5 pages.

How will I save money?

You will save the need for printing, paper, envelopes and insterting (whether by machine or manually) into envelopes. Finally, you will save time on franking post.

Can I sign my letters?

Yes, a scanned image of your signature can be added to your letter.

Do you store my letterheads?

No, we produce a copy of your letterhead (in colour if necessary) using our high quality production printers.

How is Webpost green?

By printing close to the Royal Mail Inward Mail Centre we save the need for collection of your mail and transportation through the Royal Mail trunk network for sorting and delivery. Studies show that your carbon footprint will reduce by up to 80%.

How do I know my mail has been posted?

The dispatch manager will give confirmation, and you will receive email confirmation as well.

What happens to undeliverable items?

Undeliverable items will be returned to our return address.

Can I check the letters before they are sent?

Yes, the dispatch manager interface will allow you to view all items before finally sending them, if you wish.

How do I pay for Webpost?

Just like topping up your franking machine, you will top up your Webpost account, typically by Direct Debit when your account reaches a pre-set threshold. Alternativley you can pay in advance using PayPal or a credit card via RBS Worldpay. Just sign into your account to top up your balance.

Why not try Webpost and se how your business can benefit?

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No contract, no equipment or lease cost, no ink or toner cost and savings of over 35% on postage.

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