The Hybrid Home Worker

Written by: Phil Myers – Former Vice President at FP Ag and Co.

Over the last few years there’s been a definite trend in business towards homeworking. Some reports say that over 20% of people are spending the majority of their time working from home. There has of course been some resistance probably caused by inertia and business leaders thinking that the potential upside was not really worth the investment and the hassle. Then came COVID 19, the pandemic that brought us the new concept of lockdown. This has forced the issue and almost like teaching a dog to swim by throwing it into the river everybody has had to adapt.

Then in spite of those risks when the dog starts to swim everybody sees and benefits from the advantages. Technology has helped along the way email communication was already in place but supplemented by the Zoom call and Microsoft Teams. A laptop at home, and obviously a well constructed backdrop have become the norm.

Webpost has seen a massive upturn in the take-up of hybrid mail, with nobody in the office to process the invoices and statements (and put them into envelopes) or even anybody in the post room to operate the franking machine. Being able to send your letters from your laptop on your sofa at home and have them professionally prepared printed and posted has proved to be a real game changer,

Webpost are able to help install the print driver although most customers have found it simple quick and easy to get started. Documents from all standard office software can be easily processed and delivered. The Royal Mail have continued deliveries during lockdown, albeit with some delays at the beginning as they were overwhelmed by the number of parcels and packets.

Webpost customers have used hybrid mail to continue sending their invoices and statements, quotations, and all sorts of day-to-day correspondence. Some have even sent out marketing mailshots to try and maintain and even grow sales during the difficult period,

Customers have a choice of formats and postage options are able to do multipage documents, for those larger proposals or larger invoices! Even sitting in your kitchen, you can get a real time status, edit amend or delete your documents before sending and obviously add any inserts required. Customers who haven’t used hybrid mail before now realise they’re saving over 50% on their postage costs, not having to pay for a franking machine (or the cost of the franking machine ink!)….or paper…or envelopes.

Working from home makes it particularly difficult to access the corporate letterhead, and maintain the brand but this is easily taken care of by webpost secure central fulfilment, High quality printing both black and white and colour on 80 GSM paper. Neither are homeworkers reliant on the quality of their Home printer or having to swallow the costs of the ink cartridges usually required for these lower-end devices. The company corporate view can still control the quality of the communication from home workers by taking a remote yet centralised view and control of all dispatches, so protecting image and brand quality.

And for those homeworkers that want to take advantage of working in their PJ is the service is available 24 /7! So hopefully when we all return to normal, sooner rather than later and whatever that normal maybe these new efficiencies that homeworking and hybrid mail have brought us will help a fast and effective recovery for UK businesses.