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Working with the NHS since 2010

" Sending patient letters by webpost is secure and hassle free "

Webpost hybrid mail securely delivers letters to your patients

Webpost integrates perfectly with the major GP clinical systems like Emis, SystmOne and Vision to make the task of contacting patients easy and cost efficient.

Webpost Red offers secure email and integrates perfectly with Webpost so that both options are available to the GP and the patient.

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Why choose Webpost?

At Webpost, as one of the UK’s leading hybrid mail providers, we have a wealth of experience in the mailing market and are dedicated to bringing our customers hybrid mail solutions that are simple and cost effective.

Webpost is accredited by the NHS (Toolkit) and with a fully secure ISO process. Numerous GP practices and customers within the health sector benefit from our compliance with NHS Information Governance which ensures patient data confidentiality.

Helping GP patient communication since 2010, delivering over 1 million letters per year

Webpost is easily tailored to follow your work processes, for example Flu Vaccine letters can be easily produced and supplementary forms like blood tests can be added to main letters patient by patient, hour by hour.

Webpost securely produces letters for GP's to send to patients and passes to Royal Mail for delivery.

Webpost can help improve your GP's 2021 QOF

QOF targets are more important than ever for GP’s , with an increase in QOF indicators from 567 to 635 and the value of QOF point's being increased by £6.33 . We understand GP’s are even busier than normal, due to COVID-19 and a national vaccination rollout. Webpost can help your surgeries achieve QOF points and therefore maximise your income.

Webpost can maximise your QOF income by minimising the administration tasks and the time spent inviting your patients to your surgery. Our secure email solution can cut your costs even further! On top of the cost saving, if your patient doesn’t open the secure email, Webpost will automatically send a physical letter – this helps with the QOF points, without adding to the admin time.

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Webpost Hybrid Mail NHS

Saving GP surgeries time and money on patient letters and communications. Webpost adds security and integrates perfectly with your clinical systems.

Webpost NHS Hybrid Mail

Save money on all post

Not only can Webpost manage your daily postal requirements but we also manage the campaigns of many surgeries, from Flu vaccination campaigns to postal reminders for Diabetes, COPD and Asthma.

Saves staff time

Webpost saves you time on processing your post by eliminating the need to fold, insert and frank your post.

IG compliant and secure

Webpost hybrid mail and Webpost Red is a secure and IG compliant communication method

No workflow change

Using Webpost hybrid mail means that there is no change to your current work flow as our software integrates seamlessly.

Hybrid mail delivered perfectly

No contract, no equipment or lease cost, no ink or toner cost and savings of over 35% on postage.

Secure and certified encrypted communication