Winter 2020 for GP’s

Written by: Phil Myers – Former Vice President at FP Ag and Co.

It seems that the word unprecedented has almost become overused in these unprecedented times

The Government has highlighted the need to ‘protect the NHS’, but it seems the public perception of this need is more often than not focussed on NHS hospitals.

Thinking back to the start of winter in previous years there is usually a News Story that A&E departments are under pressure, usually as a result of the overflow of cases that are inundating GP practices.

So, as we sit in the second COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the workload experienced by GP practices is extraordinarily unprecedented.

It is the supreme dedication of the individuals that provides an ability to cope with this demand, usually entailing working hours long beyond the call of normal duty.

As ever, one of the key tasks is customer communication, which more than ever needs to be reliable and a first time fix.

All GP surgeries have a community mix of patients, in marketing terms are a very varied demographic, so communicating with them needs to be multi dimensional. Text messaging, email and physical mail are all relevant.

Choices need to be made about speed. security of patient data appropriate for both the patient group and the type of communication.  With a vaccine hopefully on the horizon this will become even more relevant.

Webpost has developed an integrated platform for all three of these types of communication.  So for example the first communication could be done to establish a confidential secure email box, this could be ‘chased’ by text/sms message and in the event that contact was not made, a physical letter could automatically be sent from the secure NHS approved Webpost server and fulfilment centre.

It’s all hands to the pump at times like this and Webpost will implement this system in conjunction with a GP’s clinical system, with free installation so GP’s only need to pay for delivery.

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