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Our customers see the benefits of Webpost so why not read our case studies and find out how easy it is and how much time and money you could save.

Case study 1 - Riverbrook Medical Centre

"All my staff love Webpost... The time and effort is saves is great!"

Webpost SDS Healthcare

Riverbrook Medical Centre, part of SDSmyhealthcare, has been using Webpost for over a year now...

"All my staff love Webpost (and most are technophobes!)

The time and effort it saves is great! After the initial set up of the templates it’s just a case of sending it to Webpost instead of a printer, job done, no more folding and putting in envelopes.

As a medical centre, some of what we send requires attachments to be included, or enclosures to be put in the envelope with the letter. With Webpost, attachments are simple and easy.

The support side is also very friendly and helpful."

Practice Manager

Case study 2 -DMC Healthcare

"Webpost is saving us time and money on paper, envelopes and ink"

Webpost DMC

DMC Healthcare is the leading Dermatology provider in the UK as well as providing Primary Care across Kent and London areas. They have implemented Webpost to make their business more cost and time efficient, whilst improving patient communications.

As a team sending out a large quantity of post daily we have successfully started using Webpost within the last 2 weeks. Webpost came to our Iwade site and installed the software required on all of our PCs For ERS, SystmOne and EMIS, this process was completed in the morning. In the afternoon we had a training session and we were able to send our 1st electronic post the same day!

Webpost was very helpful and created a work around so we could print from ERS. We created a shared folder for the team which is cleared twice a day. The feedback from the team has been great - Webpost is saving us time and money on paper, envelopes and ink (and the task of stuffing envelopes). We have had a few minor issues and Webpost support have been responsive to all our needs by phone and remote access.  We have had another visit from Webpost this week and they have made the sending process even easier from our shared folder with no room for errors.

This process will reduce complaints whereby letters have been accidentally enveloped with each other and ensures that the post is been despatched in real time.

The whole process was smooth and efficient with minimal disruption to the team and is a safe an effective way to communicate with our patients.

(PS I love Webpost)”.

Tracey Porter

Call Centre Lead

Case study 3 - Zonin UK

"We recognised it could save significant time and money for our clients"

Webpost Zonin1821

Zonin UK is the UK branch of Casa Vinicola Zonin, the largest private vine growing and wine making company in Italy, and operates as an independent business unit, performing all the main functions from sales to marketing, from import to distribution of Italian wines in the UK in the On-Trade scenario by providing wine solutions directly and by ensuring the highest quality of service in all customer segments.


Before switching to Webpost we were posting all our invoices and statements to our customers in the traditional way by printing the documents using our printer, sorting all documents by customer, manually inserting every single document in the envelopes, applying the stamp using a franking machine and finally posting in the local post office. This process was repeated for 1,000 to 2,000 documents per month by two office resources for two full days per month.


In 2013 together with Webpost and the developers of our business software, we started working on the implementation and integration of Webpost on our system, which is a very specific system developed for the drink industry, and at the beginning of 2014 we began to send all of our invoices and statements through Webpost, saving time and money.


Sending documents with Webpost is very easy, convenient and just one click away, we strongly recommend it to all kind of businesses, especially if you regularly have large volumes of documents going out by post.


We're always looking to enhance our system, and we added the ability to send mail through Webpost because we recognised it could save significant time and money for our clients. Although initial integration involved some programming work, once this was complete, the process for our clients was straightforward. Our system includes a form designer which allows the layout of invoices and statements to be easily tweaked to fit the Webpost requirements. The feedback from Zonin UK, our first client to trial the integration, was so positive that we were convinced to use Webpost for our own office mail shots.

Case study 4 - Town Medical Centre

"Webpost is very cost effective, genuinely easy to use and reliable . . . I can't recommend them strongly enough."

Webpost Medical Centre

We have been using Webpost here for about 10 months now. I am usually very cynical about anything like this but it really works.


A few months ago we did a mailshot of about 1800 letters using Webpost saving over £290 against the cost of first class stamps and of course we didn't use any of our own paper, ink or envelopes . . . and no folding and inserting! The letters were sent on the 13th of the month and we started receiving responses on the 15th!


All our flu campaign invites were sent using Webpost and within four days of despatch our first three flu clinics were fully booked. At the beginning of November we were at over 80% of target and all at a significantly lower cost than previous years. Webpost will shortly be handling our reminder letters.


We use it for most letters now, even individual items are worthwhile because it is easier, cheaper and quicker . . . even attachments are simple to include.


Installation and training is straightforward and support, if you need it, is friendly and efficient.


Webpost is very cost effective, genuinely easy to use and reliable . . . I can't recommend them strongly enough.


in fact, should any prospective customers want any more information from a user perspective I would be more than happy to speak to them.

Case study 5 - Jones and Jones

"The staff time we save is huge and our postage costs have reduced by approximately 35%."

Webpost Jones & Jones

Jones & Jones is a family run optometry practice in Barry in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan. Before using Webpost they were posting letters to 4000 patients in the traditional way; printing to a local printer, purchasing stamps, manually stuffing envelopes and posting in the local post office.


Dr Jones respects that his patients’ choice of communication is still a physical letter, rather than email. However, he was keen to find a less time consuming and more cost effective way to manage the Practice’s mailshots.


When asked why he chose Webpost Dr Jones answered “I did look at other hybrid mail suppliers but Webpost won on its ease of use. The other options I considered involved a change in the way we create documents, but with Webpost the process didn’t change for us. Once the software was installed we still created our letters and mail merges in exactly the same way as we had always done. The only difference now is when we press print it all goes to a virtual printer and the task of printing, putting in an envelope and posting is carried out by someone else.”


“The staff time we save is huge and our postage costs have reduced by approximately 35%.”


So would he recommend Webpost to other companies?


He sure would and said, “Their technical support is excellent, it is an absolute no-brainer; simple to use, saves money AND enables staff to get on with more important things.”


“We have been using Webpost since April of 2012 and would never go back to posting the traditional way.”

Hybrid mail delivered perfectly

No contract, no equipment or lease cost, no ink or toner cost and savings of over 35% on postage.

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